1. On me Shanto Santiago 0:22

The name is Santiago.. Shanto Santiago to be precise.

Since 2021 he operates under his own platform and cooperate with Freshmessmusic.

As a singer/songwriter and vocalist in any kind of way he’s trying to make and create vibes for every individual.

Why do I wanna spend time making music!?
The answer is real simple it’s the passion that drives me to be a better version of my artistic side. We grow everyday no matter what we do.

One day I will be a role model, just like others were an inspiration to me.
Im on this planet and I realize that my journey starts here and now although im aging like a dinosaur. But hey succes doesn’t come with a specific age.

So now you know my story and follow me so we can make story’s together.

Shanto Santiago - On me cover 2000px

On Me – Shanto Santiago – Promo