After a “break” or more hiatus of about 7 years bringing no new break stuff, Swotteam decided it was time to drop another mixtape for the breaking community aka the bboys and bgirls.
Dropping classic mixes and educating and inspiring a whole generation of dancers, DJ Knowledge and MistaSweet (both still active record buyers and beatmakers) couldn’t hold back on this one!
Expect hiphop, funk, original Swotteam productions and a nicely put together consistently flowing mix of about 90 minutes. Perfect for practising your favorite moves or just jamming with the crew. Nothing Olympic about this tape…just raw shit!
Additional production done by DJ Cold Crush and also mixing and mastering the whole thing. Artwork once again done by TRIK.

1. Swotteam (ft. Big L) – Fill ‘er up
2. MistaSweet – Diesel Driven Don
3. DJ Knowledge & Cold Crush – Rock n Roll breakin’
4. MistaSweet – Full Speed
5. DJ Knowledge – Fuel for the Soul
6. MistaSweet – 45 Gallons
7. DJ Knowledge & Cold Crush – 2 the Break a Dawn
8. MistaSweet – Horns Of The Highway
9. DJ Knowledge – 70L Jerrycan
10. MistaSweet – Fuel To Blow
11. DJ Knowledge & Cold Crush – Horns That Make You Break
12. MistaSweet – Route45
13. DJ Knowledge – Kwartje van Kok

  1. BREAKER FUEL - Side A SWOT TEAM 44:48
  2. BREAKER FUEL - Side B SWOT TEAM 44:30
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Release Date : 24/12/2021
Artists : DJ Knowledge, MistaSweet, SWOT TEAM
Genre : Breaks
Catalog ref. : FMM012
Format : Tape